3 Popular Psychics in NYC

3 Popular Psychics in NYC: Tarot reader picking tarot cards on table near burning candlelight in dark

Regardless of how you feel about psychics, and whether you believe in the work they do, we’ve put together a list of 3 Popular Psychics in NYC, one of which we’ve been to (sue us, we’re in our mid-30s and still waiting on a date with a potential life partner that doesn’t end in an ER visit, smh).

These are not the crystal ball holding, “woo woo” psychics that predict bad things happening. These are more the tried and true, tarot card mediums who may do palm readings and read you intuitively. And if there’s anything people are keen on reviewing, it’s someone who’s given them insight about their potential future. So this is a combo of our taste (don’t judge!) and those of other intuitive-loving New Yorkers.

First off, we have Derek Calibre. His methodology for divination is unique, combining elements of tarot and astrology. First, he emails you 12 cards that he randomly drew from his collection of cards, each of which symbolize an astrological sign. He gives you his interpretations, and you can explain your impressions of everything, reconciling it with his experience.

These readings are normally done by phone and for an hour so that he can provide his insight on relationships, opportunities that may pop up for you, and help you navigate life’s decisions. Derek has been featured in several publications and media sources, including Time Out magazine, CNN’s Morning America, Morning Consult and CBS Radio.

Our next recommendation (2 of our 3 Popular Psychics in NYC, in case you’re thinking about your future, and not keeping track) goes by Angel Eyedealism, based in the East Village. She’s not only an astrologer but also a performance artist, integrating a theatrical feel to her readings. Specializing in astro cartography (where you should live based on the kind of luck you want in your life, i.e., job, romance, etc.), she also offers love and compatibility readings as well as natal chart interpretation and everything in between.

She also used her travel experience from a decade abroad to confirm her theories on astrological relocation and incorporates it into her readings. Angel offers in person readings at hourly rates, as well as pdf readings that are separate from the face-to-face readings. She’s highly rated and recommended by many people who have taken advantage of her services.

Lastly, we love Mark Seltman, a certified palmist. He has spent years reading palms, reading people’s past, present and futures. He’s identified strengths and weaknesses and has been involved in palmistry for the past 40 years. He not only offers services around helping you figure out your specific work style, but also your relationships, health, and offers his services for corporate and fundraising events.

He’s also read the hands of Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, Star Jones, Kyra Sedgwick, and Maurice Sendak, amongst many others. He’s appeared on media such as ABC’s the View, FOX Good Day, INSTYLE Magazine, Modern Bride, and the New York Times, to name a few. He comes highly recommended, and if you’re interested, you can book a virtual session with him to get your palms read.

That’s our list 3 Popular Psychics in NYC. Are there more? Sure! Are there other psychics, mediums, and spiritualists in the New York City area that you think we should check out? We think so! So: Let us know.

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