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5 Best NYC LGBTQIA Areas

A woman with pink hair gives a kiss to someone behind a rainbow colored flag during the Pride Parade in NYC

It is generally well known that NYC is a melting pot – containing entire universes when it comes to backgrounds, cultures, religions, stories, and sexual orientations. It is a very LGBT+ friendly city, considering that the Stonewall Riots took place here, where trans women of color battled for the rights of DGS individuals to simply exist. Since Pride is not that far off, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some favorite neighborhoods of the queer community and bring to you the best NYC LGBTQIA areas.

West Village

Speaking of trans women, it is only right to kick off our list with the West Village, home to the Stonewall Inn, where the Stonewall Riots took place back in 1969. The area’s history has still made it popular amongst locals, with performances, singing and other activities. Other well-loved LGBTQ bars in the West Village include Pieces, Cubbyhole, The Monster and Hangar Bar, and the neighborhood itself is walkable, with affordable apartments close by. While not the only, the West Village is definitely one of the best NYC LGBTQIA areas.


Next up, it should not be a surprise that Chelsea is a popular neighborhood for the LGBTQ set – it is the favorite as it has the largest number of same-sex couples in Manhattan. With several businesses that happen to be allies to the community, Chelsea also has a lot of shopping, art galleries, and a vibrant nightlife with gay bars, comedy clubs, and rooftop lounges. Popular hangout spots include The Eagle and the Barracuda with their amazing drag shows, and Gotham Comedy Club also features queer comedians.

Hell’s Kitchen

The next neighborhood that is much beloved, is a food and entertainment mecca. Hell’s Kitchen also has many businesses that are LGBT+ owned. With proximity to the Theatre district, and much nightlife that includes spots such as Flaming Saddles Saloon, the area is absolutely hopping for gender and sexual orientation diverse individuals of all ages. Of course, the food is killer – with Totto Ramen, Meske and other fare such as Peruvian, Thai, and Afghan, it only offers you an incentive to never move out of Hell’s Kitchen.

Park Slope and Williamsburg

If you are not much of a Manhattanite, and prefer Brooklyn, may we suggest Park Slope and Williamsburg as options for LGBTQ+ friendly neighborhoods? Park Slope itself has a very suburban feel, with many boutiques, brownstones and of course Brooklyn Pride taking place every year. Park Slope is also home to many vintage and thrift shops, and popular bars include Ginger’s Bar – making the area a fun, eclectic and family-friendly place to live.

As for Williamsburg, well it is no secret why it is popular amongst queer folk. Home of popular artwork, delicious food, amazing club scene that includes the Rosemont and the 3 Dollar Bill. Anyone, LGBTQ or not, would want to move to Williamsburg, as the local culture and Manhattan skyline make for amazing bedfellows when you find an apartment you love.

Tell us – how did you find LGBTQ+ friendly pockets while you apartment hunted in NYC? What were the criteria you went through as a queer person that influenced your neighborhood and apartment decision? Let us know if we missed any of Best NYC LGBTQIA Areas.

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