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5 Super Easy Ways to Prevent Mail Theft in Your NYC Apartment

5 super easy ways to prevent mail theft in your NYC apartment - Man in dark outfit appearing like a package thief carries package from step of a home

One of the lesser known (but still heinous!) evils of living in New York City, apart from the subway never being on time or somehow always broken, is that if you live in an apartment building, you might get your mail stolen. With more people shopping online ever before and the obvious desire to avoid people at all costs, the increase in mail theft has skyrocketed and has consumers looking for a way to safe-keep their orders at all cost.

Normally, we do not care that much about small mail – since it’s usually spam – but if it is something like a credit card, personal information, or a new Roomba (because sweeping is the worst), then it becomes VERY personal. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent issues. Here are 5 super easy ways to prevent mail theft in your NYC apartment.

5 super easy ways to prevent mail theft in your NYC apartment.


First off, keep tracking your package, so you will know when it arrives, but also if you can, ask the delivery person to get a signature when delivered, so you can be sure you, or someone you know can sign for it. You can also request that –FedEx– and —UPS– deliver your package at a certain time and day so you know that you will be present to receive it.


You can also have it shipped to a relative or a friend who you know will be able to look after it until you can pick it up from their residence. You can also ask your reliable neighbor, or your landlord/building super, if you trust them enough, to hang onto your mail until you can grab it. Many of us also have mail shipped to our work locations, as it can be easier to pick our packages up during a shift.


Another option to avoid your mail being stolen by those with sticky fingers is to get a post office box at your local post office so your mail and packages can arrive there directly and securely for your eventual pickup. If a package arrives for you that is much larger than what can fit in your post office box, the post office will hold it for you, no charge. Note that the Post Office only accepts mail and packages sent through USPS! Additionally, many New Yorkers who are Amazon addicts use the Amazon Locker option to have something shipped to the Locker location for easy pickup.


A fourth and possibly more stepped-up option is purchasing a camera surveillance and security system like Ring or SimpliSafe that will alert you to dastardly porch pirates. Many of these have apps that you can use on your phone to view activity at your front door – some systems are even motion activated, with instant connection to any smart home devices you may have to receive alerts.


Lastly, if none of these choices appeal to you, and you really want to safeguard your packages, consider doing a curbside pickup from the stores you are purchasing from. Not only does this ensure your mail’s safety, but also your peace of mind, and you will hopefully be spending less if you do not go into the store…theoretically.

Those were our 5 super easy ways to prevent mail theft in your NYC apartment. Do you have any other creative suggestions for avoiding mail thieves? Let us know!

And if you’re looking for apps to help you better navigate the city – and living in the city – we have: “Most Helpful Apps For New Yorkers”.

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