9 Great Sustainable Fashion Options in NYC

9 Great Sustainable Fashion Options in NYC - Portrait of young African American woman on city street. Photographed in Soho, NYC.

Why 9 great sustainable fashion options in NYC? Well, New York City is known for its fashion, from high to street, popularized by shows such as Project Runway and even shows such as Say Yes to the Dress. But how do you stand out and wear things that are less mass appeal, and more you, especially in a way that’s environmentally friendly, and somewhat budget conscious?

Enter sustainable fashion in NYC. While it’s true that many niche and indie sustainable brands can come with a higher price tag, some mainstream brands have taken it upon themselves to provide very affordable and sustainable alternatives. Here, we’re going to include a mix of so you can choose what you like based on your budget.

First off, we love SiiZU off Canal Street. SiiZU as a company really emphasizes beautiful apparel with sustainable manufacturing practices at a comfortable price point, and they start with the fabric. Their fabrics are 100% organic and environmentally friendly, and their designers and pattern makers work to use the fabric in a way that minimizes the waste output. Even the packaging has been thoughtfully redesigned and constructed and we’re sure that you’re going to love the experience you get, whether at the store or through the website.

Our next recommendation is Naadam, located of Bleecker Street. They focus mainly on knitwear and providing cashmere, sourced from herders in the Gobi Desert and bringing it straight to consumers. The two founders started the company after seeing how traditional cashmere brokers and traders added to the cost of the cashmere and drove up margins and saw that they could pay the herders more while cutting out the middlemen entirely.

They also use Alpaca and Recycled Polyester Wool Blends to enhance the softness of the fabric. Some of their ethical practices include providing veterinary care to the animals who provide the raw materials and working to protect the planet through local nonprofit work, ethical supplier partnerships and anti-desertification programs, while paying a living wage along the way.

We also love Vetta – you can shop online, although the family run factory is in New York. Their sweaters are knitted by their partner factory in Los Angeles that is known for social and environmental compliance, and they primarily use Tencel, deadstock fabric, and organic cotton in their clothing. Their focus is primarily essentials for capsule wardrobes – also helpful to cut down on unnecessary purchases. (How many cute pieces do you have that don’t match with anything else you have? We know we have a few.) Vetta’s wardrobe manifesto consists of having five versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a month’s worth of outfits.

For more great sustainable fashion options in NYC, in terms of mainstream retailers that offer sustainable fashion, there’s H&M, which has it’s H&M Conscious line, which focuses on sourcing materials from recycled or sustainable materials. There’s also the GAP for Good line by Gap that seeks to reduce the environmental impact of denim manufacturing, with the goal of reducing pollution and saving water, including using plant-based fabric softeners.

You can also use Nordstrom’s Sustainable Style section through their website, and find products that are sustainable sourced, give back to local communities and ethically manufactured. Net-a-Porter also has a section called Net Sustain that has products that went through a rigorous evaluation, including things such as animal welfare, craft, and community.

If you’re looking for ethically made kicks, Zappos’ Goods for Good project also sorts on whether products have initiatives they give back to, are sustainable, organic, recycled, or vegan.

If you have questions on whether something is made ethically, you can always download the DoneGood extension (also a website), that exists to drive consumers to shop more ethically and sustainably.

Did you already know about our picks for 9 great sustainable fashion options in NYC? Do you have any suggestions on local sustainable businesses that you love? Let us know – we may explore them in another blog or article soon!

And, if you want suggestions for another sustainable option, purchasing vintage, take a look at our post on Brooklyn vintage stores.