Listening to one of 9 Top New York City Podcasts: Young woman using mobile phone on public train

9 Top New York City Podcasts

We’ve all been stuck in traffic, languishing in an Uber, or bored out of our minds on the subway. Regret sets in when the Wi-Fi doesn’t work or our various devices don’t have any decent 4G/5G signal, or in our case, dead headphones. You could have downloaded your...

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Teacher in a High School Science Lab Class, wearing a lab coat, teaching students who are wearing uniforms of white shirts and dark skirts and pants

Ultimate Kips Bay Schools Guide

Even though the pandemic is still around, most of us still have offspring that need education, while we figure out mask mandates, social distancing, vaccines, and boosters (you’d think two years in, we would have most of it figured out, but that’s a whole another story). For those...

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KBC Platinum 2 BR Jr - Terrace - at Kips Bay Court

5 Best Kips Bay Apartment Buildings

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve showcased a neighborhood and the rental properties available in that neighborhood, so we decided to start doing that again, and keep to one of our New Year’s resolutions of being consistent, or whatever. That being said, we wanted to highlight Kips...

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Remarkable NYC Architecture: The Oculus, Interior of the white World Trade Center station in Lower Manhattan

Remarkable NYC Architecture

Architecture is a fascinating subject, and for architectural nerds, NYC is a fabulous place to live. The brightest minds of our generation decided to liven up our concrete jungle by designing and building everlasting monoliths to human creativity and accomplishment – and even though we’re still advocating for...

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Sign: Blue Neon Arrow with Pink Neon Word: Comedy

The 6 Best Comedy Clubs in NYC

This time, we're taking a look at the 6 Best Comedy Clubs in NYC. Listen, we at NYBits love comedy. (Maybe even more than magic.) In fact, we consider ourselves to be the resident comedians (gotta break up the workday somehow!) But we can safely say that New...

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