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Your Dog in NYC: How to Live Together

Two dogs sitting on a rock in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City.

New York City is a particularly confusing place to navigate for humans – the packed streets, the MTA  with dubious timing, and the nosebleed prices we pay for living here. However, it is much more confusing for your dog, who probably is dealing with the cacophony of sounds, the weird smells, and the disruption from moving out of a big house with a yard into a small Manhattan apartment. That Very Good Boy/Girl is probably scared and experiencing some discomfort because his/her owner decided that a career in finance, acting, whatever was worth moving to the city for. Here are some ways we suggest making the transition to New Yorker and New York Pupper easy.

First, we recommend finding an apartment with a pet-friendly policy. Each landlord and building has varying rules on pets, breeds, associated fees, and sometimes pet rent, which can really blow your rent budget out of the water. Moreover, be aware of how easy it is for you to get in and out of the building with your dog – if your pup is young, stairs are fine to navigate, but if you have a geriatric doggo, an elevator building might be your best bet.


Next, please stick to a routine that your dog gets used to. If you usually wake up at 7 am to walk and feed your pup, keep doing that. If you play with them at a certain time, continue to do so at around that time. They will be a lot less anxious, and the transition to city pup will be a lot smoother.


Additionally, get them as much exercise as possible. It is easy to let your dog get chunky when you are cooped up inside an apartment all day and do not feel motivated to go on a walk, but dogs need mental stimulation and consistent enrichment, preferably outside. And while we are talking about dogs getting outside, try to get an apartment near a park or a dog park. The greenery will improve your mood, and it will be great exercise for your pup – we recommend apartments near Battery Park, Tribeca, Lenox Hill, the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn and the Forest Hill neighborhood in Queens. These are the most well-loved neighborhoods for dog lovers, owners, and dogs alike.

Another tip we have is getting established with your vet. They are not only great resources on your dog’s health and can opine on how to make your dog feel more settled, but they can also offer advice on NYC rules and regulations around dogs, including emotional support and service animals. Check this site for Reviews of Vets!

We hope this helps you in feeling more settled in your New York apartment with your pup! Long-time New Yorkers – feel free to pass on tips and tricks for how you navigate the city with your dog!

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