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New York City Apartment Best Priorities -Location, Space or Price

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Looking for a New York City apartment is a lot like looking at a McDonald’s menu – you can get something good, but it will not be cheap or fast. You can get something cheap, but it will not be good or fast. Then, of course, you can get something fast, but it will not be good or cheap. However, the NYC apartment Venn Diagram is around picking what is important to you out of location, space, or price. Below, we are going to go over how each of the three factors are interlinked and how to prioritize what is important to you.

New York City Apartment Locations

First, location seems to be the most important for New York City apartment renters. As someone working in the Financial District, you probably would not want to live too far away. If you love being in Central Park, you probably do not want to be in Forest Hills, Queens. However, if you prioritize location, you are probably going to lose out on price and space. It might be much smaller than you would like, and you will be settling for a matchbox apartment. It also might be far more expensive than you are willing to spend, even for the location that you want.

New York City Apartment
New York City – Overhead view of historic buildings along 59th Street with the Midtown Manhattan skyline in the background

New York City Apartment Space

The next thing that most New Yorker City apartment renters prioritize most is space. It is no secret that space is always at a premium here in NYC – even those who move into the city from places that are less expensive per square foot (think Texas) eventually find they can adjust to the tight squeeze of the average apartment here. However, if you do find a place here within the city that is ample and give you and yours the square footage to stretch out, this will come at a price. Your location will tend to be farther out from the city, and the price will fluctuate depending on the neighborhood, and of course building’s amenities. For example, you might find the space you are looking for further out in Queens, but the price may be unmanageable, and the location might be inconvenient, even with public transit access.

New York City Apartment Price

Lastly of course, and everyone’s least favorite filter to consider – price. It is generally accepted that New York prices are completely ridiculous and absolutely inflated, although occasionally, you can find a condo that is everything you want for a steal. The cost of living is egregious, which is why most folks double up with roommates for 2–3-bedroom apartments or turn 1-bedroom apartments into 2 bedrooms with flexible screens. Of course, if you get an apartment that is generally cheap, you are not going to get it in the location that you want it in. Also, depending on the neighborhood, you may or may not get the space you are looking for, for the budget you are looking to get it in.  Also, you have the option of choosing apartments in New Jersey or Connecticut, as apartments are generally more reasonable in those areas, with a quick commute to the city.

So, if you have been apartment hunting recently – let us know how you prioritized these categories during your search!

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