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Ultimate Kips Bay Schools Guide

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Even though the pandemic is still around, most of us still have offspring that need education, while we figure out mask mandates, social distancing, vaccines, and boosters (you’d think two years in, we would have most of it figured out, but that’s a whole another story). For those keen on having the best in education in Manhattan and looking for quiet neighborhoods that offer the kind of educational experience their kids would love, we recommend the schools in Kips Bay. Here’s our Ultimate Kips Bay Schools Guide:

For starters, there are a ton of elementary schools in this area that can offer your children a rich educational experience, such as The Epiphany School and The River School (P.S 281). The former is a private Catholic school with a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1. This school consistently has high test grades, and great reviews from parents and teachers, while fostering students’ spiritual growth. The River School for grades K-5, is an equally well ranked school, known to be ethnically diverse, offering a high quality of education. Students report being satisfied with the activities and the teachers themselves, offering the students various forms of self-expression and avenues that foster personal growth.

Another posh option (that’s available from grades, ahem, standards K-12) is the British International School of New York. An English curriculum is taught via the lens of an International Baccalaureate program – which probably doesn’t mean much if you have toddlers but is a powerful indicator of academic excellence as your child ages. The school aims to support and stretch students to reach high outcomes. 

For middle schoolers, you might consider looking at the Churchill School and Center, or the Simon Baruch Middle School. The former is a K-12 coed school geared more towards students with language learning disabilities who want to reach their full potential. As a parent, you can take a virtual tour, get your student tutoring – there are also professional development programs for those who want to take advantage of them.

The Simon Baruch Middle School (aka MS 104) has highly exceptional programs in Math, Language Arts, Science, and  Social Studies, with the syllabi conveniently posted online. They also have a comprehensive process where they will hold your and the student’s hands to guide you through the high school admissions process, one that is already fraught with tension. Students and their parents consistently praise the school for the care and thought that goes into everyday instruction – we’re sure you’ll agree!

Other Kips Bay education gems we want to mention are: The High School for Health and Human Services and the School of the Future High School. The former is for those kids who want to be exposed to math, science, and STEM fields, with the hope of finding internships. Students can choose from normal classes such as Biology and Botany but also unique classes like Forensics to satisfy their curiosity around science. We highly recommend this for students who know they want to go into a science or math heavy field!

At School of the Future High School (SOFH), you can learn traditional subjects, but also things like drama and theater, and your unique interests are not only encouraged but nurtured! Other offerings include sports, after school programs, and clubs, especially for high schoolers. There’s a lot of emphasis put on individuals bringing their own viewpoints into the classroom, allowing for diversity – it’s one of a kind as far as schools go!

Are there other schools or places you’d like us to showcase in Kips Bay? Or if you like our Ultimate Kips Bay Schools Guide and want something similar for another area, tell us!

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