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Where to find the Best Brooklyn Vintage Stores

Where to find the Best Brooklyn Vintage Stores - Antiques, furniture and clothing in the light of burning candles.

Ah, Brooklyn. Birthplace of the teddy bear, the origins of many prolific rappers (R.I.P Pop Smoke), and home of some of the best pizza in the world, no contest. But did you know that Brooklyn is also home to some of the best vintage stores, where you can get anything from 1960s Pyrex to antique Dior? Here are some of our favorite neighborhoods and favorite nearby vintage stores for those who prefer threads from yesteryear.

Where to find the Best Brooklyn Vintage Stores
Brooklyn, NY – April 23 2021: Bike with basket plants and decoration in front of the entrance of store. Vintage exterior look of an antique store

North Williamsburg

Starting off, we have Awoke Vintage, Beacon’s Closet and Mirth Vintage all near North Williamsburg. Awoke has multiple branches, with two more in Greenpoint, and caters to trendy vintage pieces, and has been featured in multiple publications for the pieces they carry. Beacon’s closet has affordable designer pieces, additional stores in Bushwick and Manhattan and a feature in Vogue acting as a testament to the quality of their wares. By contrast, Mirth Vintage does classic and timeless pieces, with a focus on great cuts and vintage denim. If any of these stores pique your curiosity, you can easily find apartments nearby that will allow you to indulge your inner vintage vixen often.


Moving on, we go a little south in proper Williamsburg to Monk Vintage, which functions more like a traditional thrift store and has all sorts of shoes and clothing from every decade you can think of. Nearby is also a treasure trove of vintage, with Antoinette, Brooklyn Vintiques, Horizons Vintage, Amarcord Vintage, and the Attic Brooklyn. Antoinette, Horizons Vintage, and Amarcord Vintage serve high end vintage looks, while Brooklyn Vintiques focuses on antique home décor that someone with a keen eye would find most appealing.

For those who love sustainable clothing, The Attic Brooklyn prioritizes bringing an affordable, fun experience that is sustainable into the modern age, and caters to fashion lovers who love to express themselves sartorially.

Of course, we would be remiss if we wrote about vintage clothes and not mention L Train Vintage. With seven locations, one in Crown Heights, three in Bushwick and one in East Williamsburg, and one in Manhattan, L Train Vintage still leads the pack for reasonably priced vintage clothing. The stores are family owned, each location gets three shipments a week and everyone from social media influencers to average vintage lovers rave about L Train Vintage.


Speaking of Bushwick, there is a plethora of stores to suit your tastes, such as Chess and the Sphinx, which is a retro consignment store for high-end retro clothing. Next, there is also Select Vintage, where you can find vintage basketball, hockey, and baseball jerseys, as well as old school clothing and accessories within your budget. Close by, we also have the Brooklyn Vintage Company, Finn Vintage and Green Village, all of which have some unique finds and are totally affordable, with Brooklyn Vintage offering curated pieces from years ago, Finn Vintage’s constantly rotating collection, and Green Village even selling mid-century modern furniture.

So, for those who really want us to get to the point – the best Brooklyn vintage stores are going to be found in Williamsburg and Bushwick, with some great stores in and around the vicinity of Brooklyn.

Did you know where to find the best Brooklyn vintage stores? Tell us – what is your favorite thing you have found while vintage shopping in Brooklyn?

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