6 Best Witchy Stores in NYC

Still life with old-fashioned lamp, magic witch books, tarot cards and old papers. Mystic background with ritual esoteric objects, metaphysical supplies, fortune telling and halloween concept

Halloween is not far away (okay, like three months, whatever), and while we love a good dose of Practical Magic and every Tim Burton movie ever to warm the cockles of our hearts just as much as good pumpkin spice, we also love getting our witch/wizard on. You, too, can do this and indulge your metaphysical, alternative side at some of our recommendations for the best witchy stores in NYC.

Starting strong, we have Aum Shanti, off East 14th Street – this store has everything from candles, crystals, and readings, but also has a ton of books on Western and Eastern spirituality. We also love their Tibetan singing bowls, divining tools such as pendulums, and their spiritual-themed jewelry.

A few streets away, a similar store is Stick Stone & Bone. This is an Indigenous woman-owned store, so you know the experience has been crafted authentically and supports Native American arts, crafts, and communities by offering a medium through which their skills can be shared globally. One of our most favorite things sold here is their intention and manifestation kits for specific things you want to manifest – which may include love, prosperity, etc. Please also note that you should practice your craft wisely and ensure that you’re not appropriating the practices of other cultures if you do not belong to that culture.

Moving on, if you live in the Upper East Side, you might be drawn to the Quest Bookshop, which has been around for over four decades. They have extensive books and gifts and incredibly esoteric literature, including everything from astrology and theosophy to tantra and shamanism. Their staff also offer tarot readings and other types of esoteric readings as well.

If you live in Brooklyn, you can try Botanikal Metaphysical Boutique off Kent Avenue. The store sells everything from palo santo, sage, and incense, as well as crystals. They also offer care packages, pendants, and classes to meet all your needs. This is a BIPOC and woman-owned store, so you can be sure that you’ll learn a lot about the items and experiences you purchase.

There’s also Catland, off Flushing Avenue, which also offers oils, washes, and spiritual waters, as well as bones and other trinkets. This is, of course, on top of the candles, crystals, and metaphysical stuff usually found at other metaphysical stores. Additional items found at Catland include plant magic and herbalism, spiritual magazines, and art. Finally, if you like, they also offer spellwork consultations, magical coaching, and mediumship and spirit work to learn about your spirituality.

Lastly, if you’re off Cobble Hill, you might love Ruby’s House of Crystals. This store is a massive space devoted to all the spiritual stones that might tickle your fancy – they even break it out by possible ailment or chakra that you may want a stone for. You also have the choice of becoming a partner with their affiliate program if you choose.

Do you have a witchy, metaphysical store that you love in NYC that perhaps we haven’t mentioned? Let us know! We’ll add it to part two of the best witchy stores in NYC.