4 Very Popular Tattoo and Piercing Parlors in NYC

4 Very Popular Tattoo and Piercing Parlors in NYC - Female Tattoo artist wearing a pink headband and gloves giving a thigh tattoo

We all love some amazing tattoos and piercings – some of us on the NYBits team have multiple tattoos, one of which is an ode to Jurassic Park (it’s a velociraptor with “Clever Girl” beneath it if you’re curious!), and luckily, we live in this bastion of art, culture and piercings, New York City. For your piercing pleasure, we’ve compiled the 4 popular tattoo and piercing parlors in NYC.

If you’re relatively new to the city, you may not know the best places (ranked both by us and Google reviews) to profess your undying love for an ex? A movie? A Pikachu meme, or whatever via a tattoo because you make great life choices when you’ve just been paid. Here are our Manhattan picks (if you want other borough picks, let us know)! Please also note that you should follow the rules of each studio, understand that tattooing and piercing are art forms, and these artists should be appropriately paid for their skill, not your valuation of their work.

First off, we have Studio 28 Tattoos and Body Piercing – this shop is off West 28th Street and is very well ranked by tattoo and piercing clients alike. It’s known to be clean, provide friendly service, and provide a portfolio on its website of some of the piercings and tattoos completed. (This one incorporates both!) If you go under Piercing Portfolio or Tattoo Portfolio on their site, you can also book your chosen artist for your work! You can also purchase gift cards and review the press the studio has received, as well as aftercare instructions for either service online.

Moving on (Our #2 of our 4 popular tattoo and piercing parlors in NYC), if you work/live in Midtown and prefer a place closer to you, we recommend Redink Tattoo Studio, off West 54th Street. Redink is unique in that it not only offers tattoos and piercing but also deals on both, as well as microblading and laser tattoo removal (for some of us who wake up the morning after and decide a butterfly on our lower backs was a terrible idea!)

This studio also partners with philanthropies such as the American Cancer Studio, A Moment of Magic Foundation, and others, which is neat; we love altruism! You can also order redtop tattoo needles that Redink makes off their website, and Redink strives to provide a couture tattooing experience every time for each customer. And if you’re feeling impulsive, they also offer Flash Tattoo days. (Maybe you weren’t thinking of a moon wearing heart-shaped glasses – but now that you’ve seen it…)

We at NYBits also love seasoned businesses that have been around for over three decades, which is why Rising Dragon Tattoos is high on our list – it’s between the Meat Market vicinity and Union Square Park. The bad-ass name is also home to multiple tattoo artists, as well as guest tattooists. You can easily book an appointment, choose the artist you would like, discuss your ideas with them, and then get some ink!

Lastly, we also recommend Village Tattoo NYC off Bleecker Street. They also sell different jewelry pieces online. You can get an evil pig silver ring. Or if demonic mammals aren’t your thing, some other ring designs include: A black leflet, a purple-eyed-leopard, skull and roses and black squares. Village Tattoo NYC is highly rated for their customer service, attention to detail, cleanliness, and overall good vibes.

Thus concludes our selection of 4 Very Popular Tattoo and Piercing Parlors in NYC. Well, at least in Manhattan. Is there any tattoo or piercing place you love that you’d like us to cover? Or any particular neighborhoods? Let us know!

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