Teacher in a High School Science Lab Class, wearing a lab coat, teaching students who are wearing uniforms of white shirts and dark skirts and pants

Ultimate Kips Bay Schools Guide

Even though the pandemic is still around, most of us still have offspring that need education, while we figure out mask mandates, social distancing, vaccines, and boosters (you’d think two years in, we would have most of it figured out, but that’s a whole another story). For those...

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3 Terrific Buildings for Working Families in Downtown Manhattan: Happy family relaxing on the couch in living room

3 Terrific Buildings for Working Families in Downtown Manhattan

Working families often have several choices when figuring out where to live in Downtown Manhattan, with adequate school districts, proximity to beloved restaurants and shopping, and easy work commutes to consider in their decision-making. There are some excellent neighborhoods south of 34th Street that will fit every need...

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