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6 Swoon-worthy Brunch Spots in Brooklyn

6 Swoon-worthy Brunch Spots in Brooklyn: Fried Chicken, Southern Breakfast, Buttermilk, Fried Chicken ,Pancakes, Waffles

Brunch is a tradition popularized by urban millennials and Gen Z-ers – the need for bottomless mimosas on a Sunday morning, while having lively discussions over Eggs Benedict and greasy bacon, is as American as capitalism. Moreover, we’ve found that some of the best brunch spots in the world (there is NO BIAS HERE!) is right here in New York City, specifically Brooklyn, so here’s our list of 6 swoon-worthy brunch spots in Brooklyn.

One of our faves is Olmsted, in the Prospect Heights neighborhood, which does elevated American fare so well. Olmsted prioritizes farm fresh food to a fault – the restaurant has a mini farm at the back, with quails laying eggs, a bathtub with crayfish splashing around, and freshly raised radishes and other greens. No ingredient is wasted, and the food is indicative of the love and care poured into it by the chef and team.

If your desire for American food leans a little less elevated and towards the “comfort” end of the spectrum, you might try Pies ‘n’ Thighs. Based in Williamsburg, this diner style restaurant is a throwback to Southern comfort food, with fried chicken, fried catfish, expertly seasoned baked beans, among others. The sides are also things like mac-n-cheese, hush puppies and smoked pork collards. Also, while this is an excellent choice for carnivores, vegetarians can find something that satisfies their cravings for country food.

Speaking of Southern food, we know you’ll love our next suggestion – Heavy Woods in Bushwick. Some of us have spent entire paychecks without any regret on their Creole-style brunch menu, which has something for omnivores, vegans and vegetarians alike. They have things such as the Big Easy Tofu Po Boy, a Cajun Basket with andouille sausage, catfish and shrimp, and a deviled egg appetizer that will knock your socks off. They also offer some great selections in beer and cocktails, with multiple varieties of margarita that have left some of us more dazed and confused than a Hunter S. Thompson novel.

For those who prefer more international flavors when it comes to the most important meal of the weekend, there’s Café Mogador in Williamsburg. This Moroccan gem serves mouth watering dishes such as Moroccan eggs with spicy stewed tomatoes, a Tunisian sandwich, as well as malawach and Norwegian Benedict. Anything you order from here is sure to be a hit with your tastebuds, and they even serve specialty cocktails and other spirits – 100/10 for food and service!

The next restaurant on our list swoon-worthy brunch spots in Brooklyn also has global bent: Cheryl’s Global Soul near the Brooklyn Museum. You can get tantalizing plates of everything from classic brunch dishes such as pancakes and crispy fried chicken all the way to brie, scallion, and tomato omelets on toast. Cheryl’s dinner and drink menu is equally scrumptious, with things such as fried calamari with chili plum sauce, or steamed Thai coconut curry mussels – she has a kid’s menu as well for your little ones that they’re sure to love and will widen their palate beyond mac-n-cheese out of a box, and chicken nuggies (not that there’s anything wrong with either!).

If you live around Boerum Hill, you’ll love French Louie – this bistro has delectable dishes such as sardines on butter rye toast, flounder in brown butter sauce, grilled trout po’boy and crème brulee French toast. The food is *chef’s kiss* and they also have great drinks to accompany the fare, as well as interesting sides such as lemon madeleines and spicy pickled okra, and a daily selection of oysters if that’s what you prefer.

That’s our (TOTALLY UNBIASED! UTTERLY!) list of 6 swoon-worthy brunch spots in Brooklyn. OK, just in case we were a tad biased… are there brunch spots in Brooklyn that you love and that we didn’t mentioned here? Drop us a line to let us know what’s so special about your favorite brunch place, and we might check it out!

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