Completely Fun Socially Distanced Activities for Your NYC Winter

Completely Fun Socially Distanced Activities for Your NYC Winter: A surfer cross-stepping on a longboard in New York during a small winter swell during sunset

We’ve been in this pandemic for two years, and it feels like we’re going to go through every letter in every alphabet known to man, variant-wise, before we get any sort of relief. While the CDC and health professionals sort this out, we advise everyone to mask up, get vaccinated, keep washing those hands, socially distance and quarantine when necessary, including limiting travel to other states and countries.

Still, we want to enjoy the feeling of family and togetherness, so we decided that our belated Christmas gift to you would be a list of fun, socially-distanced activities to do around NYC with our Completely Fun Socially Distanced Activities for Your NYC Winter.

First off, take a walk on the High Line – it’s got a great path for walkers, street food and performers and you can have a lovely time while staying safe, as it’s open all year. We also love the idea of taking NYC walking tours, of which there are literal hundreds – from ghost tours to a historical walking tour of Central Park. We’ve enjoyed some other good ones around the unique NYC museums as well as areas pivotal to LGBTQ history (E.g. of Stonewall Inn, etc.)

Speaking of walking, have you gone hiking in NYC? Queens has Cunningham Park, which has many trails for nature lovers and those who prefer their exercise the old-fashioned way. Out of the five trails that Cunningham has, you can choose a new trail every day, rent a bike and use the Park mountain bike trailhead.

If your inclination is more around being in water and less around being “grounded,” we suggest winter surfing in the Rockaways. Interestingly, Rockaway Beach is the only beach accessible and available for surfing near the NYC area, with surfing instructors and a subculture around surfing in the winter. If you’re feeling brave enough to conquer 20 degrees and less waves, grab your wetsuit and head to Rockaway Beach. For those not feeling quite brave enough to surf, you can also learn how to paddleboard, the calmer version of taming the wet elements.

Also, in the vein of watersports, we suggest jet-skiing. You can jet ski to Ellis Harbor, the Statue of Liberty, and the Freedom Tower, doing a sunset tour or doing a circle tour around New York Harbor, seeing the city as you’ve never seen before. There’s also another tour offered around the George Washington bridge, so we feel quite sure that you’re going to love this activity, scooting around on the water as you watch the land peasants from your new vantage point.

Next, if you’re like us and love scavenger hunts, Let’s Roam sets up a two-hour scavenger hunt within Central Park. You get to do a lot of physical and mental challenges around Central Park and each member of the winning team will receive a gift package for NYC!

Say that you’re not an outdoors person, and your idea of the outdoors is eating at a place that’s not your kitchen. We got you! Hotel Chantelle offers socially-distanced dinners that are intimate for up to four people, which is accompanied by live jazz and music from the greats – Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and more. You must be over twenty-one and bring your vaxx card, but you can purchase beverages in addition to your meal and enjoy the ambiance and dinner for 65 minutes.

What do you think of our recommendations for completely fun socially distanced activities for your NYC winter? Are there other things you would include? We look forward to your suggestions! (You can also touch base with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

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