New York City Moving: 5 Best Tips

New York City Moving: 5 Best Tips: Packed household stuff in cardboard boxes, cleaning things for moving into a new home

New York City Moving: 5 Best Tips

Ah yes, it is that time of year again – when you have outgrown your current apartment and it’s time to face New York City moving. You need to move to something that suits your current taste and budget a little bit better – we will not talk about how you need to get out from under your upstairs neighbor with six screaming kids, or how that guy across the hall has Jeffrey Dahmer vibes. So, once you find an apartment that you love, paid out a small fortune in rent, deposit, and fees – how do you move while preserving your sanity?

Moving by itself is already unequivocally the worst, and the fact that moving in NYC is far more stressful does NOT help matters, so here we are, helping you navigate this nightmarish hellscape. Here are our “New York City Moving: 5 Best Tips”.


First, choose your move-in date, at least four to five weeks before leaving your current apartment. Opt for the middle of the week, mid-day, where theoretically, there is less traffic for you and your movers to navigate. Speaking of movers, I do not recommend New York City moving without movers, especially if you live in a six-story walkup without an elevator. If you have false hubris and do not use movers because you think you can move an entire apartment by yourself –expect an astronomical hospital bill that takes up any money you planned to save by moving yourself. You have been warned.  (See OUR LIST of Movers – coming soon)


Our second major tip is budget for your move – that means pick what you think is a reasonable number for movers, furniture, moving insurance, renter’s insurance and other bits and bobs that will inevitably add to your moving budget. Pull cash from each paycheck for your moving fund and use an excel sheet to keep track of expenses, and pad that fund a little more than you think you need to, for your own sake.


Something that many New Yorkers skip out on, but we highly suggest, is renter’s insurance. This will cover you in case of loss or damage to your personal property, if you damage someone else’s property accidentally, and any additional costs you may incur living in your new apartment. For example, if there’s toxic mold in there, and you need to stay in a hotel while the apartment is cleaned out, this will be covered by renter’s insurance. However, you should still check with your insurance company and understand your policy choices. (See OUR LIST of Insurance – coming soon)


Another major checklist item is sorting through your stuff while you pack for moving– go ahead and give away those clothes you thought you would be able to fit into again, or sell your home décor and furniture through Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, Poshmark or Mercari. You will be able to make some money and put that cash towards your move as well. The Facebook Buy Nothing groups are another great option, if you really do not mind giving away your discarded furniture for free, as there is always someone in your area, willing to take your peeling Ikea dresser off your hands.


One pro tip we recommend using is taking time off if possible, for your move. You are going to be exhausted moving, you are going to be bone-tired cleaning up your former apartment, and you are going to be famished and dog-tired while you unpack to set up your new place. You will need all the time, and the rest you can get, before your move-in party. 

Lastly, just have fun! You are moving into a new place, a new neighborhood with exciting possibilities, and this is just another chapter of the time you will spend in the most unforgettable city – the hardest part is over, and you can just go live your life!

And when you’re ensconced in your new place, should there be a few little fixes that need to be done, here are our tips: How to Repair Small Issues in your NYC Apartment.

New York City Moving

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